Jul 28, 2020

Posts subject to editing

Just a heads-up for anyone actually reading this, all posts here will be subject to basically constant editing within 48 hours of being posted, and may disappear entirely, depending on how I feel after that. Most of the editing will be for grammar and syntax and trying to get my point across effectively, but I may sometimes correct something I misunderstood without calling attention to it. It happens, people get stuff wrong, and if I get something wrong in a major way that causes people harm, I'll own up to it — for small inaccuracies that don't really matter, I don't feel bad about stealth edits.

I tried to do something about this anxiety by making sort of an anti-blog over on yonder website with no datestamps, structure, or illusion of permanence; it's fine, but also, I like structure, and one of the functions of a journal is having a record of events in my life, and a nebulous morass of paragraphs isn't a good way to do that.

So yeah, sorry if stuff changes, I'm not doing a journalism here, self-editing is hard, and I'm going to give myself permission to screw up.

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