Aug 1, 2020

Comments for July 26–August 1

Since I don't have an integrated comments box, I figure I'll do an end-of-week comments summary—which shouldn't be too weird of an idea, since that's basically how Tumblr does comments. You can technically leave a comment in the "notes" on a post but nobody will ever see it, so traditionally comments are left in the "ask" box and the writer addresses them later, sometimes when they have time, or sometimes in a dedicated regular post. Think of it as an ask box instead of a traditional comment system. (not expecting this to become a regular feature, but you never know.)

Anyway, rdh left a comment on I'm going to stop saying "blog" from July 28th:
You could put your log on gopher, in which case they call it a phlog. Or on a video streaming service, and they call it a vlog

As far as I can tell, a "phlog" is just a website with extra steps. I don't care to learn how to look at a gopher zone without going through some sort of web proxy. The browser I already have is just fine for looking at minimalist text-only websites, I'm not interested in downloading another program for that.

Vlogs are also on the web, unless people are uploading raw video files to a direct download feed instead of youtube, and I don't think that's a thing.

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