Aug 4, 2020

New journal title; also, apropos of nothing, fuck spotify

This internet web journal diary is now known as "blue land, black sky"

It's, uh, it's a name. It's at least English words that people can remember. Doesn't really mean anything, other than the reference to Blue Lander, my pseudo namesake. The two color thing is a strong naming pattern in music (viz. Blonde Hair Black Lungs (content warning: suicide ideation and emotional manipulation) and Blue Sky Black Death, probably some others I'm forgetting)

So like, it'll do

The first link is to bandcamp and the second link is to youtube. Whenever I link to music, my first preference is always bandcamp, because anyone can click it and listen to the song in their web browser immediately. Bandcamp rules and I wish all music was available there. If you listen to the song enough times, it'll stop and ask you to buy it, which is reasonable.

My second preference is youtube, because anyone can listen to it in their web browser as long as they're on a computer. You'll probably get an ad if you don't have any sort of blocker  installed. Sorry about that. You should probably install uBlock origin if you don't already have it. I'll never link to spotify cause fuck 'em:

David Crosby on twitter calling Spotify CEO Daniel Ek an obnoxious greedy little shit; Mike Mills of REM telling Daniel Ek to go fuck himself

I understand that money for luxuries is tight right now, but if you pay for spotify, one easy and positive thing you can do for artists is to torrent music (or use youtube-dl to obtain it from other sources) and use the money you were spending on spotify to buy an album a month on bandcamp instead. More of your money will be going to artists and less will be going to greasy slimeball and exploitative shitbag billionaire Daniel Ek. Morally, it's the right call.

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