Aug 17, 2020

The last word on Epic v. Apple

Epic is rallying the gamers in its fight against the evil empire, Apple Computer Company, for the good of freedom everywhere Tim Sweeney's bottom line.

They're suing Apple because they can't sell virtual gambling money on Apple phones without Apple taking 30%.

On Google phones, the same thing is happening, but Google phones aren't locked down to programs from the app store. People can download the Fortnite .apk directly from Epic and install it on their phones.

This is acceptable. This is how software on phones (i.e., computers) should work. You shouldn't have to go through the manufacturer's proprietary store to install a program on your computer. We should normalize this. Apple shouldn't be allowed to sell computers where people have to pay them to make a program for it. Developers should be allowed to distribute a program somewhere other than Apple's proprietary platform and take all the money if they want. If the result of the Epic lawsuit is that small developers are allowed to write programs for a popular computer platform without paying Apple protection money, that would be a good outcome for everyone.

That's not going to happen. What'll happen is that there will be some settlement or deal for Epic, Tim Sweeney & Tencent'll get paid, and 0% of people should give a solitary fuck about that. Good job watering down whatever valid points you might been able to make about Apple with this infantile stunt, dipshits.

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